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We are a team of dedicated digital marketing experts. Specializing in organic search optimization, search engine advertising, and website development. Fox Tech's search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEM/SEO) services can help you take your buisness to the next level by maximizing your exposure to potential clients and customers.

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Organic Search Optimization Services

We make sure top search engines are crawling and indexing your page. Our SEO services help boost your site and get you to the top of organic search results.

Social Media & Content Creation

Creating content and lively social media engagement are important to helping grow your sites ranking and presence. We offer Social media advertising, content creation, and local search result optimization marketing services.

Google Ads

Our SEM experts can setup and manage your Google Ads. We constantly optimize to keep keywords, ads, and website content in harmony to mazimize your share of the top spots in search results, while lowering advertising cost.

Analytics & Tag Management

Our SEM services include reviewing and reacting to your site's analytics, while also creating/managing keywords & ads. We also help you funnel all of your advertising and create important website action tracking through Tag Manager.

Bing Ads

Our Bing Ads experts will continuously monitor, create, and adjust your Bing ads & keywords to increase your presence and share of the top search results with our proven SEM strategies.

Web Design & Optimization

Is your companie's website outdated, not appealing, slow, or don't have one? A fast, easy-to-use website is critical to top search engine ranking and ad promotion. Our expert developers can get your

Websever setup & Management

Our website developers can fix and optimize your website to meet the the demands of top search engines like Google and Bing. We make sure your website is secure, accessible, and verified.


Get real support from a real person. No call scripts or off-shore support with Fox Technologies. We have marketing experts on standby to help with your digital marketing needs.

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